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Bullish Acquires Crypto Media Company Coindesk in an Exclusive All-Cash Transaction

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In a rather notable development, it has been learned that leading crypto publication Coindesk is now in the hands of Bullish, a company headed by Tom Farley, the ex-president of New York Stock Exchange. Based on recent sources, Bullish made this purchase through an entirely cash-based agreement. However, the deal’s worth hasn’t been disclosed.

Bullish Emerges as New Face of Coindesk

Established in 2013, Coindesk has stood as a pillar of cryptocurrency news for nearly a decade. Now, the digital media site will operate under Bullish, a subsidiary. Bullish is known for its proprietary automated market-making tech and running a professional digital asset exchange.

Bullish bought Coindesk from Digital Currency Group (DCG), a venture capital firm founded by Barry Silbert who had procured the media giant back in 2016. Echoing his pride in the development and expansion of Coindesk over the years, Silbert has hailed the platform for starting as a blog before turning into an award-winning media and event company. He said Coindesk is now recognized as a highly reliable source of information on digital assets.

Although we don’t know the precise amount involved, the deal was made in cash, as reported by The Wall Street Journal., the mother company of Bullish, is notable for having conducted one of the most significant initial coin offerings (ICO), minting the blockchain technology EOS. This private firm also holds a substantial amount of Bitcoin following its procurement post their successful ICO.

With a fundraising portfolio reaching $4.1 billion,’s investment spreads over 47 businesses and projects, notably Silvergate Capital, Upland, Niftyz, Coindcx, Chainwise Group, and Skystone Games. Reports suggest that has made over 117 total investments.’s investor list includes big names like Bitmain, Peter Thiel, Alan Howard, Fenbushi Capital, Tally Capital, Galaxy Interactive, and Heliad.

From an editorial perspective, Coindesk announced recently the formation of its journalistic independence committee. Furthermore, Matt Murray, the former editor-in-chief for The Wall Street Journal, is joining in this independent editorial committee as its chairman. In a statement, Kevin Worth, CEO of Coindesk, emphasized the necessity of trust in the future of digital assets, promising to uphold Coindesk’s independent editorial standard.

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Frequently asked Questions

1. What is the significance of Bullish acquiring Coindesk?

Bullish acquiring Coindesk is significant as it represents a strategic move towards expanding Bullish’s presence in the crypto industry. Coindesk is a renowned media company that specializes in reporting news and analysis related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and digital assets. This acquisition will allow Bullish to leverage Coindesk’s expertise and establish a stronger foothold in the crypto media space.

2. How will this acquisition benefit Bullish?

By acquiring Coindesk, Bullish gains access to a well-established platform that has a large audience of crypto enthusiasts and investors. This will provide Bullish with an opportunity to enhance its brand visibility and reach a broader customer base. Moreover, Coindesk’s extensive knowledge and network within the crypto industry can help Bullish stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments, enabling them to make more informed investment decisions.

3. What is the rationale behind the all-cash transaction?

The all-cash transaction indicates that Bullish is committed to acquiring Coindesk without involving any stock-based transactions or other forms of compensation. This approach demonstrates Bullish’s confidence in the value and potential of Coindesk and its desire to secure the acquisition swiftly and efficiently. Additionally, an all-cash transaction can provide Coindesk’s shareholders with immediate liquidity, allowing them to access the value of their shares immediately.

4. Will Coindesk continue to operate independently after the acquisition?

While the specifics of the post-acquisition arrangements are not known at this time, it is common for companies to maintain some level of independence after being acquired. Bullish may choose to allow Coindesk to operate as a separate entity within its corporate structure, leveraging its existing brand reputation and management team. This approach can ensure continuity in Coindesk’s operations and maintain its editorial integrity while benefiting from Bullish’s resources and support.

5. How does this acquisition align with Bullish’s long-term goals?

Bullish’s decision to acquire Coindesk aligns with its long-term goals of becoming a prominent player in the crypto industry. By owning a trusted media company like Coindesk, Bullish can strengthen its position as a comprehensive crypto platform that offers not only trading and investment services but also reliable news and analysis. This acquisition enables Bullish to establish itself as a one-stop solution for crypto enthusiasts and investors.

6. Are there any regulatory concerns associated with this acquisition?

Given the nature of the crypto industry and the increasing scrutiny from regulatory authorities, there might be potential regulatory concerns associated with this acquisition. Bullish will need to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations governing acquisitions and media operations. They are likely to engage legal and regulatory experts to navigate through any potential challenges and address any concerns from regulatory bodies.

7. What can users of Coindesk expect after the acquisition?

After the acquisition, users of Coindesk can expect a continued commitment to providing reliable news, analysis, and educational content about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. However, there may also be enhancements and synergies resulting from Bullish’s involvement, such as exclusive access to certain features, integrations with Bullish’s trading platform, or additional resources to expand Coindesk’s coverage. The overall aim will be to deliver an improved user experience and further establish Coindesk as a leading source of crypto-related information.

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